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The Ask Coffee Cupping School aims to meet its objective by creating
awareness and strengthening the knowledge of all Coffee industry
actors(Exporters, Farmers, Marketers, laboratory specialists, etc.); one
of them is delivering coffee-related from introductory to intensive
Training. The training modules planned to be delivered at the center are
Training on the fundamentals of coffee, Coffee processing, Sensory
laboratory(Coffee Cupping), Industrial process lab(Roasting), Coffee
Brewing lab, and Coffee Marketing.

In doing so, to develop the capacity of local trainers, UNIDO
partnered with illycaffè, to select potential trainers with vast Coffee
training experience to take part in a training organized by the
University of Coffee Trieste in Italy. To initiate the training service
delivery at the Ask Coffee Cupping School (ACCS), a refreshment was
organized for the first round of trainees and additional local trainers.

The delivery of the refreshment training was held on January 22,
2023, virtually on the topic of Espresso Brewing Techniques. The
Training was delivered by MR. Seifedin. Eleven Coffee Trainers with a
range of Coffee Specialties participated in the Training, which covered
the following topics;

• Extraction methods classification

• Espresso characterization & standards

• Coffee Recipes & milk-based products

• Q&A and Open Discussion

While conducting the refreshment session, illycaffè trainers
identified how the trainees responded to a virtual delivery method and
built a relationship among newly added ACCS trainers and all
stakeholders. The training effort will continue throughout the operation
of the Ask Coffee Cupping School with customized topics and continuous
engagement with
the Ethiopian Coffee and Tea Authority (ECTA).

Ask Coffee Cupping School website: www.cuppingschool.askinternationaltrading.com

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