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Unique Ethiopian Coffee

Created by Admin in Articles 30 Jun 2021

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With this history in mind, it’s suddenly a lot easier to understand
why Ethiopian coffee is so unique. While the rest of the world’s coffee,
to some extent, is derived from the few plants that were stolen from
Yemen back in the day, there is a significant genetic variation among
the coffee plants in Ethiopia.

It’s anticipated that more than 90 percent of the genetic material
of Coffee Arabica is located in just that one country. Therefore, you
can find more variation in flavor in Ethiopian coffee than anywhere

Unique Character of Ethiopian Coffee Beans

  • Ethiopian coffee beans are known for their complexity, pungent aroma, winey quality, and distinct acidity.
  • It
    is believed to be one of the best coffee globally because the coffee is
    grown in high altitudes and near-perfect climate conditions.
  • Cultivated in mountainside farms with an elevation between 1500 and 2200 meters (5000-7200 feet) above sea level.
  • 90%
    of Ethiopian coffee is hand-picked in forests or small plots of land,
    and just 10% of the coffee beans come from commercial farming. 
  • Still, Coffee in Ethiopia grows ‘wild’ and is picked just like mushrooms and blueberries from the wild.
  • Ethiopia
    wild coffee is mixed with hundreds of varieties combined in one bag and
    cannot be separated again. Most coffee farms in Ethiopia grow the
    heirloom variety of ‘Coffee Arabica,’ the ‘queen’ of all coffees.

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